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What makes a good Neighbor?

Being available to help, but respectful of your privacy. Taking the time to be friendly and get to know you. Coming through in a pinch. NeighborCare loves our neighborhood and wants the best for our neighbors.

NeighborCare’s innovative approach brings you help from our team when you need it. You will:

  • Save money: you only pay for the time it takes us to complete tasks
  • Preserve privacy: we’re close by and can come by throughout the day
  • Have reliability: by employing a team of caretakers, there is always someone standing by, ready to assist
  • Ensure peace of mind: staff is available in an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our Difference

Our goal is to help you live enriched, healthy lives in the home you love. How are we different?

More Dependable

  • With today’s workforce shortages, home care providers struggle with high employee turnover and no shows. NeighborCare uses a caregiver team to make your services more dependable
  • Caregivers are vetted, trained and employed by Episcopal Homes, a trusted name in senior living for over 125 years
  • Caregivers drive well-maintained company cars to ensure they are ready to go when you need support

More Available

  • NeighborCare is open 24/7 365 days per year. Caregiver team members are available all day and
    until 10:00 p.m. at night and for emergencies 24/7 with the NeighborCare pendant.
  • Clients have the option to sign-up for a pendant for emergency response services from either 9-1-1 or their caregiver

More Affordable

  • NeighborCare of Episcopal Homes is a nonprofit home care provider
  • Rather than requiring you to purchase two or three hours of service per visit, NeighborCare will visit for as little as 30 minutes. You pay only for the services you need, making support more accessible and affordable
  • NeighborCare’s caregiver team serves clients throughout your neighborhood or apartment community, which makes frequent, lower cost visits throughout the day feasible and affordable
  • Our caregivers don’t remain in your home for hours – they stay long enough to meet your needs, allowing you to maintain your privacy and independence
  • NeighborCare accepts medical assistance

A Side by Side Comparison


  • Services can be purchased in short, 30-minute increments
  • Served by a caregiver team for greater dependability
  • Caregivers can make short stops throughout the day
  • Caregivers are located in your neighborhood
  • Provides home services, personal care, nursing care
  • 24/7 response in emergency situations
  • A trusted name in elder care for over 125 years

Traditional Home Care

  • Services must be purchased in larger, 2-4 hour time blocks
  • Served by a single caregiver and impacted by no shows and turnover
  • Caregiver remains in the home throughout time blocks
  • Caregivers are commuting from throughout the metro
  • Services are often specialized so multiple providers may be needed
  • Typically daytime hours only