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Success Stories

Read more about ways that the NeighborCare Team has helped our neighbors.

Meet Hazel

Hazel had a fall, which left her alone on the floor for two days. After a hospital stay, she was in transitional care for three weeks. Hazel’s family was worried about her ability to care for herself at home after being discharged. NeighborCare team members visited Hazel’s home daily to provide wellness checks, basic household chores and social connection. Eventually, caregiver visits were reduced to twice weekly. Hazel and her family were comforted knowing NeighborCare would respond if a concern arose and that services could be adjusted as Hazel’s condition improved.

Meet Bob

Bob has lived alone since his wife recently moved to a nursing home. When he contracted an infection, he discharged himself from transitional care because he was concerned about finances. Bob promptly found that he could not empty his urinary catheter himself multiple times a day. Bob does not need or want any other in home support. NeighborCare made multiple, short visits each day to assist Bob with his catheter bag, monitor for signs of infection, and support peri-care as needed. After Bob’s catheter was removed, he was comforted knowing he could call NeighborCare for affordable, short-term help if needed in the future.

Meet Li

Li has mild dementia. She functions well in the familiarity of the senior housing apartment she has known for 7 years. Her family wants her to live in this setting as long as possible. Li’s funds are limited and would be quickly depleted if she had to move to a memory care facility. NeighborCare delivers two warm meals to Li each day, along with medication reminders. NeighborCare nurses also work with Li’s physician to manage her medications. Li continues to live independently with NeighborCare augmenting the help she receives regularly from family and neighbors.